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Frozen Premium Ikura Shoyu-Zuke AAA 500g Hokkaido Japan

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Frozen Premium Ikura Shoyu-Zuke AAA 500g Hokkaido Japan
Frozen Premium Ikura Shoyu-Zuke AAA 500g Hokkaido Japan

True World Foods New York


1 pack

Ikura (Salmon)

Frozen Ikura Shoyu-Zuke (Marinated) 

Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Size: 500g

Type: Frozen

We are happy to announce Shoyu Zuke Ikura is now be available! Ikura is orange jewel-like salmon roe that is commonly served at Sushi restaurants. This Hokkaido Ikura tastes totally different level. Hokkaido is known for the juiciest and freshest Ikura in Japan. Many people even pay a visit to Hokkaido just to eat the Ikura. 

It is marinated with the special soy sauce that enhances its rich texture. This is a frozen product. Even after defrosting, you won't find any drips come out of the product while preserving the freshness. 

They are usually only shipped to restaurants, but we have made it available for home delivery customers.  

Pre Order Note

Please note all orders with this item will be delivered on either Thursday/Friday the week after the order is placed. Therefore, if you are ordering this item, please set your delivery date for either Thursday or Friday of the next week (not the same week). 

After you place an order, we will make the order to True World Japan, our Japanese purchase operation unit. They will buy and ship the product to the U.S, and we will deliver it to your home.

How to prepare a frozen product?

Storage Instructions

All Frozen products must be kept frozen at 0° F ( -18°C) or Below. When storing fresh seafood, keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Make sure your home refrigerator is operating at 40°F or lower.  For Fresh Seafood: to preserve the best quality keep Fish under ice while in the refrigerator.  (Note: Fish will lose quality and deteriorate rapidly with higher storage temperature)

Thawing Instructions

It is best to thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. Other thawing methods include: immersing frozen seafood in cold water for a short time in a sealed plastic bag or microwaving on a defrost setting until the fish is pliable but still icy.


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