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Our order cutoff times vary by our service zones. Please visit our Service Location page to see the full details for your specific area.

Our current service areas can be found under our Service Location page.

When you place an order, we place a hold for a slightly higher order total on your card. This pending hold is replaced by the correct charge upon successful packing and delivery. This ensures that suppliers can charge accurate weights for products (i.e. 1.09lb or 0.98lb steak vs. 1lb ordered). If you cancel the order or the payment hold is not captured, the authorization is cancelled and the funds are released back. It's very similar to the gas pump!

We cannot accept returns or cancellations the same day of your order but we will do our best to address any issue with your order. You can cancel or change your order up until the cutoff hour for your service region.

Storage Instructions

All Frozen products must be kept frozen at 0° F ( -18°C) or Below. When storing fresh seafood, keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Make sure your home refrigerator is operating at 40°F or lower.  For Fresh Seafood: to preserve best quality keep Fish under ice while in refrigerator.  (Note: Fish will lose quality and deteriorate rapidly with higher storage temperature)

Thawing Instructions

It is best to thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. Other thawing methods include: immersing frozen seafood in cold water for a short time in a sealed plastic bag, or microwaving on a defrost setting until the fish is pliable but still icy.

We currently deliver to NY/NJ only. Due to COVID-19, our business currently does deliveries on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. From the day you place your order, it will be delivered on the following day of operation. We do not accommodate same-day deliveries. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday, and offer no service on those days.

Additionally, in light of COVID-19, we will be dropping off the product at your door to avoid person-to-person contact. Please let us know if you would like us to call or ring the doorbell once your product has arrived. This is for the safety of both you and our delivery drivers. 

Fish and seafood selections range from fresh bluefin and yellowfin tuna and Atlantic and king salmon – both cut in one-pound pieces the morning of delivery for just-caught freshness – to live lobster and king crab as well as frozen Chilean sea bass, marinated mackerel, octopus legs, squid rings, salmon roe, crawfish and calamari salads and more. Many items are ready to use or cook without needing sushi-chef knife skills.

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