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Jidori Egg 1pk (12 eggs) From Cage Free Hens

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Jidori Egg 1pk (12 eggs) From Cage Free Hens
Jidori Egg 1pk (12 eggs) From Cage Free Hens

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1 pack


Jidori eggs come from a Japanese breed of chicken called Hinai-Jidori, which is known for producing eggs with rich, dark yolks.

The chickens’ heritage combined with a vegetarian diet and free-range lifestyle, make for exceptionally tasty eggs that are best enjoyed when prepared simply. Jidori eggs are absolutely wonderful sunny-side up and eaten either on their own or with toast.

The whites are firm and slightly springy, and the yolks are high, dense, and perfectly textured. Additionally, the texture of Jidori eggs makes them excellent for consuming raw*. Try them cracked over rice for tamagokaki gohan, or mixed with natto for a delicious traditional Japanese breakfast. Have them later in the day as a dipping sauce for sukiyaki, or even as a topping for a bowl of gyudon. Jidori eggs are sure to brighten any recipe where eggs are featured!


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